One Hand Dan

One Hand Dan is a former professional wrestler turned blues musician from North Alabama. Born missing fingers on his left hand, dan learned to play honing his skills as a street musician.

Dan is a lover of all music. He really came into his own by discovering country blues. Being that there’s different approaches to Americana style music, Dan has formed bands that stretch from loud electric blues to acoustic rag.

Always finding it silly to purchase an expensive guitar, the true founders of blues played the cheapest instruments available and made do with what they had, Dan found it natural playing cigarbox guitars and other homemade instruments. He could manipulate the instrument with little cost and more room for experimentation. He is known to a largely growing cigarbox guitar community for his outgoing and explosive energy and his work helping teach blues on cigarbox instruments.

On July 21, at 7:00 pm he plans to debut one of his newest projects with friend and fiddle instructor Kate Hunt. The band will include an upright bass made out of a cardboard box and weed eater strings, Kate playing a cigarbox fiddle , and Dan playing a custom resonator baritone uke and a cookie tin banjo.

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